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Global Expense Management Made Easy

Streamline payments to suppliers and employees around the world and access market-leading FX rates no matter the transaction size.


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Control team spend with smart rules

Set card rules that fit your business best – from who, to what, to where. Limit spend across days, weeks, and months, categories and even countries. Easily tie staff spend to your budget.

  • Customizable spending limits

    Implement tailored card rules to control who can spend, what they can purchase, and where they can make transactions.

  • Streamlined operational efficiency

    Save time, free up resources, and enable real-time budget monitoring to align spending with company goals.

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Create enforceable budgets and spend policies

Set budgetary constraints and spending guidelines that are not just theoretical but actionable. Ensure that every department adheres to its allocated budget, thereby optimizing resource allocation and enhancing financial accountability across the board.

  • Real-time budget monitoring

    Track spending as it happens enabling immediate corrective actions, ensuring that you never exceed your budget limits.

  • Customizable spend policies

    Set a limit for expenditures above a certain amount or categorizing allowable expenses.

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Comprehensive expense management solution

Streamline your company's financial operations with our comprehensive end-to-end expense management solution. From capturing receipts and approving expense reports to real-time budget tracking.

  • Elevate your expense management

    Simple and convenient way to pay for business-related costs and gives your company real-time visibility into all spend.

  • Maximize efficiency, minimize cost

    Save time and money with discounted rates, policy controls, and productivity features.

  • Increase visibility and control

    Eliminate out-of-policy spend with controls built right into corporate cards.

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Save up to 75% of your team’s time with MARLO


Our comprehensive financial solutions can save your team up to 75% of time spent on accounting and expense management. Streamline your receivables, payables, and multi-currency transactions, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

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Spend management for your business
spend, all in one place


Easily manage spend across your business, empower your team with cards, save money, and more with effortless spend control.

Multi-currency, seamless accounting—all in one financial solution for your maritime business


MARLO offers a one-stop financial harbor for maritime businesses. Our multi-currency accounts simplify global dealings, and our accounting modules keep your books in order. Navigate maritime finance smoothly.


Built-in expense management for borderless cards

Get more from your borderless cards when you activate built-in expense management. Move away from painful manual processes that sap time and distract your team members from their core jobs.

  • Submit expenses on the go

    Empower employees to upload receipts and submit expenses on the go via MARLO.

  • Gain real-time visibility of spend

    See a complete view of team expenses in one place and easily explore details of individual transactions.

  • Manage risk and improve compliance

    Design multi-layer approval workflows, set expense submission criteria, and instantly review and approve expenses.

  • Close your books faster each month

    Sync expenses with your accounting software and align to your chart of accounts.


Streamline your maritime finances

Elevate your maritime business with Marlo's comprehensive suite of financial tools. Gain real-time insights into voyage P&L, manage contract cash flows, automate invoicing, and track your vessels—all in one platform.

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