Specialized market rates for dry bulk and tankers

Designed exclusively for maritime businesses operating in dry bulk and tankers. Our data is laser-focused on providing the most relevant and up-to-date market rates for your specific needs.




Maritime Insights

Track and understand complex markets

Marlo offers comprehensive data and insights that monitor and forecast key metrics such as shipping market vessel earnings, industry indices, asset valuations, and macroeconomic trends affecting global trade

  • Industry-specific indices

    Gain a competitive advantage with our custom maritime indices for dry bulk and tanker sectors.

  • Comprehensive forecasts

    Marlo's algorithms offer reliable forecasts from multiple data points, boosting your financial efficiency.

Cashflow Management

Your source for tailored up to date financial data

Experience hassle-free global transactions with Marlo's multi-currency business cards. Eliminate conversion fees, enjoy real-time exchange rates, and streamline your maritime operations

  • Up-to-date market rates

    Get real-time market rates, ensuring you make the most informed decisions.

  • Data-driven reports

    Understand your cash flow, expenses, and revenue streams like never before.

Your source for tailored up to date financial data
Maritime Analytics

One-stop solution for comprehensive market insights

Navigating the complexities of the maritime industry requires more than just a compass; it demands a financial partner who understands your unique challenges. Marlo offers specialized solutions to your challenges.

  • Accurate asset valuations

    Make informed investment decisions with Marlo's accurate and up-to-date asset valuations.

  • Macroeconomic trend analysis

    Marlo's insights into macroeconomic trends affecting the maritime industry can help you anticipate market shifts and plan strategically for the future.

  • Customizable dashboards for personalized insights

    Marlo allows users to customize their data dashboards according to their specific needs and preferences.


Unlock competitive advantage with market insights


Gain a competitive advantage by integrating Market Rates with Marlo’s financial services. Seamlessly manage your maritime finances while staying updated on market trends

Informed decision-making

Informed decision-making

Harness the power of real-time data and customized accounting tools from Marlo and critical insights for prompt and precise financial management.

Gain a competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

Stay ahead of market trends and make data-driven strategies by leveraging our integrated market rates, giving you an edge in the highly competitive maritime industry.

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Marlo caters to the financial demands of your business. Our offerings, from multi-currency accounts to advanced accounting tools, are tailored to simplify your finances. Leverage our market rates, vessel-wise tracking and real-time monitoring for enhanced strategic planning.

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