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  • Global Accounts

    Open domestic and international accounts in minutes
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    Global Accounts
  • Cards

    Instantly create multi-currency payment cards
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  • Monitor Cashflows

    Keep track of your voyage cashflows from a single dashboard
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  • Transfers & FX

    Low cost and high speed international payments
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  • Instant Loans

    Get paid in full upfront based on your credit facility
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    Instant loans
  • Digitalize Contracts

    Get maritime insights with dynamic real-time visibility into Profit & Loss
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    Digitalize Contracts

Plans that scale with your business

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$ 499
$ 4999 $5988
$ 9999
$ 9999 $11988
Only Yearly
Multi currency wallets
Multi currency accounts
Incoming transfers
Outgoing transfers
SWIFT charges apply
Benchmark + 2%
Benchmark + 1%
Benchmark + 0.5%
SWIFT charges (OUR)
SWIFT charges (SHA)
Virtual debit cards

Maritime exclusive banking with multicurrency benefits
Simple yet flexible

  • Ship operators

    Are you a ship operator within the maritime segment? Get a business account tailored to your voyages and track with our voyage estimator.
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    Ship operators
  • Brokers

    Are you a shipbroker? Get a business account which understands your commissions and transactional requirements.
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  • Bunker Traders

    Are you a global bunker trader? Get real-time daily changes in the bunker index, and view major bunker hubs from a single app.
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    Bunker Traders
  • Commercial Managers

    Are you a commercial manager? Leverage your business accounts' and send or receive FX money easily with your pool partners.
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    Commercial Managers
  • Ship owners

    Are you a ship owner in the maritime segment? Open your business account and get instant access to working capital in 24 hours.
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    Ship owners

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Maritime's most innovative features

MARLO provides you with various maritime features to compliment business growth and make informed decisions about your voyage

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Marlo is better than a bank.
Here's why.

MARLO Traditional Business Bank Accounts
No hidden fees
No minimum balance requirements
Simple, easy-to-use mobile apps
Apply in under 10 minutes
Human-powered customer service

Your data and money are safe and secure

 Intelligent compliance

Intelligent compliance

We have compliance officers in every jurisdiction in which we operate, focusing on the regulatory and financial crime aspects of compliance

Safeguard funds

Safeguard funds

Our partners protect customer data and transactions using secure encryption technology. All data between our partners and customers is encrypted using SSL and TLS protocols.


Fraud protection

Our partners work to ensure the movement of money is transparent, fair and efficient in monitoring, detection, investigation, prevention and advisory.


Automatic transaction monitoring

We use a data-driven transaction monitoring system which provides alerts based on customer behavior and account activity

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