Global Business Account for Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Commercial Managers

Marlo's Global Business Account is specifically designed for the unique needs of the maritime sector. Our account offers unparalleled ease and efficiency in handling multi-currency transactions and global payments.

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Experience seamless multi-currency transactions tailored for your business needs

Why Marlo?

Optimize maritime business transactions using Marlo

Marlo provides ship operators, owners, and commercial managers in the dry bulk and tanker industries with access to real-time financial data. This empowers users to make strategic decisions effectively.

  • Multi-currency transactions

    Effortlessly manage transactions in various currencies, perfect for the international nature of your business.

  • Cash flow control

    Enjoy fast, reliable, and cost-effective payment solutions that keep your maritime operations running smoothly.


Choose Marlo today and grow your business

Advanced credit score analysis
Vessel valuations
Covenants tracking
Custom app integrations

Advanced credit score analysis

Receive tips and gain a deeper understanding of your financial health ensuring confidence while managing your business.

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Vessel valuations

Our transparent approach provides you with accurate valuations, essential for financial reporting, insurance, and sale or purchase.

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Covenants tracking

Effortlessly monitor and manage all your business covenants with our automated system, ensuring continuous compliance and operational integrity at all times.

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Custom app integrations

Easily integrate Marlo with your existing integrations, creating a unified financial ecosystem that drives productivity

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Unlock instant financial efficiency with Marlo's multi-currency business accounts


Business Account

Manage global payments and finances through a single account


FX & Transfer

Make international transfers to over 150 countries at inter bank exchange rates.

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Global Accounts

Open local currency accounts featuring local bank details worldwide, all within minutes.

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Borderless Cards

Issue multi-currency corporate cards instantly.

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Software Integrations

Connect Marlo with your favourite software.

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Streamline maritime finance with Marlo


Elevate your maritime finances with Marlo. Our multi-currency accounts offer streamlined transactions and integrated accounting. Open a Marlo business account for instant financial efficiency.

Marlo vs. Traditional banks

Dive into an overview between Marlo and traditional banks, highlighting the superior financial solutions and efficiency Marlo offers to maritime industry professionals.

Marlo Others
Seamless international transactions with multi-currency accounts
Credit score analysis to understand your financial health
Accurate vessel valuations for financial reporting
Receivables and payables management
Market rates to fix contracts at a better price
Vessel wise financial tracking & vessel tracker
Why Marlo?

Unlock business growth with collaborative data

Leverage collaborative data from your contracts and vessels to make critical business decisions and support business growth.

  • View P&L related to your contracts

    Get real-time Profit & Loss insights for each contract, enabling smarter financial decisions.

  • Generate bills and invoices from maritime contracts

    Automate billing and invoicing directly from your maritime contracts, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors.

  • Get instant drawdown for loans

    Get funding for cargo contract finance and demurrage finance within 24 hours.

  • Track your vessel at all times

    Stay updated on your vessel's location and status, improving operational oversights.

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Marlo caters to the financial demands of your business. Our offerings, from multi-currency accounts to advanced accounting tools, are tailored to simplify your finances. Leverage our market rates, vessel-wise tracking and real-time monitoring for enhanced strategic planning.

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