Accounts Receivable

Effortless Accounts Receivable Management

Marlo integrates with popular everyday platforms so you can spend less time on manual operations and more time on your global growth.




Flexible Workflows

Create and send invoices directly from a contract

No need to switch between multiple platforms or software. With Marlo, you can create invoices directly from a contract and send them to your customers with just a few clicks.

  • Auto-fill invoice details

    Automatically populate invoice fields with contract terms and conditions to reduce manual errors.

  • Enhanced vendor accountability

    Maintaining accurate records of unpaid invoices enables efficient vendor follow-ups, ensuring timely debt settlement.

Create and Send Invoices Directly from a Contract
Software Integrations

Close your books twice as fast with custom accounting syncs

The custom accounting sync is designed to seamlessly integrate with Marlo's multi-currency business accounts and specialized accounting modules.

  • Efficient receivables management

    Efficient receivables management with custom accounting syncs, speeding
    up reconciliation and reporting.

  • reports
    Streamlined payment

    Simplify your receivable workflows with tailored syncs, enabling faster, more accurate payment processing.

Invoice Tracking

Accelerate payments with advanced invoice monitoring

Enhance your payment efficiency with Marlo's advanced invoice tracking system. Gain complete visibility into every aspect of your incoming transactions, enabling more effective management and follow-up of outstanding invoices.

  • Seamless bi-directional accounting sync

    With bi-directional synchronization, Marlo users can enjoy a seamless integration between their accounting data and Marlo, streamlining operations and decision-making.

  • Optimized cash flow dynamics

    Leverage Marlo's sophisticated invoice tracking to enhance cash flow visibility, a vital factor for operational stability and financial growth.

  • Improved customer relationships

    Advanced invoice tracking enables precise and timely communication with clients. This enhances payment punctuality and cultivates long-term customer loyalty.

Accelerate Payments with Advanced Invoice Monitoring

Receive internationally from customers and save money


Effortlessly receive payments from customers around the world while optimizing your financial operations. Our streamlined process not only makes international transactions hassle-free but also offers cost-saving solutions, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Why Marlo?

Professional invoices now just a few clicks away

Create and send professional invoices in minutes from the Marlo web app. With no need to switch between platforms, enjoy a slick, seamless experience for them and you

  • One-stop invoicing

    Create and send invoices directly from the Marlo web app, streamlining your workflow and reducing errors.

  • Enhanced user experience

    Create customers and invoices in just a few clicks, saving time for more important tasks.

  • Multi-currency support

    Manage international receivables with our multi-currency support, simplifying your global financial operations.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your cashflow

    View paid and unpaid receivables at a glance. Know when you’re likely to get paid, so you can plan ahead.

Professional invoices now just a few clicks away

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Marlo caters to the financial demands of your business. Our offerings, from multi-currency accounts to advanced accounting tools, are tailored to simplify your finances. Leverage our market rates, vessel-wise tracking and real-time monitoring for enhanced strategic planning.

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