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Marlo's Loan Covenant Management tool ensures financial health and compliance in your business with real-time monitoring and precise covenant tracking.



Risk Management

Real-Time Covenant Compliance Tracking

Stay informed with real-time updates on financial metrics like Debt to Equity Ratio, Loan-to-value and more ensuring swift decision-making and constant covenant compliance.

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    Proactive Risk Management

    Address potential covenant breaches by proactively identifying and mitigating financial risks. 

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    Enhanced Decision-Making

    Adjust your strategy in response to changing market conditions, keeping your operations agile and competitive.

Tailored Tracking

Customized for your business

Easily add new covenants, choose from various financial metrics, set conditions, and define assessment frequencies for a financial tracking system tailored to your needs.

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    Alignment with your business

    Ensure that all financial tracking and compliance directly support your strategic objectives.

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    Scalability and Flexibility

    Adjust and add new covenants easily, ensuring your financial tracking remains relevant and effective.

Financial Accuracy

Error Prevention and Correction

Our tool minimizes reporting errors with features for double-checking and updating values, ensuring precise and reliable financial reports for your operations.

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    Enhanced Financial Integrity

    Reduce the likelihood of errors in financial reporting, enhancing the overall integrity of your financial data.

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    Time and Cost Efficient

    Avoid the costly and time-consuming process of rectifying financial misreporting, enabling you to focus on core business activities.


Achieve unparalleled control over your financial journey


Designed for precision and adaptability, our tool provides real-time compliance insights, bespoke covenant configurations, and error-free financial reporting.

Why Marlo?

Get a strategic financial oversight into your business

Marlo's Covenant Management tool streamlines your financial operations, ensuring compliance and strategic financial alignment
with customizable, real-time monitoring and error correction.

  • Strategic Financial Navigation

    Gain control with real-time tracking for proactive risk management and quick strategic decisions, keeping your maritime business resilient and agile.

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    Tailored Financial Framework

    Customize and scale your financial tracking with our flexible setup, ensuring alignment with your maritime business goals as you grow.

  • Uncompromised Financial Accuracy

    Ensure the integrity and reliability of your financial data with our robust error prevention and correction system, building trust with lenders and stakeholders.


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Marlo caters to the financial demands of your business. Our offerings, from multi-currency accounts to advanced accounting tools, are tailored to simplify your finances. Leverage our market rates, vessel-wise tracking and real-time monitoring for enhanced strategic planning.

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