Borderless Cards

Borderless Cards for Growing Businesses

Issue unlimited corporate cards, one for each member of your team. Empower your team to spend right, while maintaining control over their spending limits.



Marlo Business Cards

Multi-currency cards for your global business

Marlo corporate cards align perfectly with your business needs, whether you're at your home port or sailing across international waters. Experience hassle-free global transactions and eliminate conversion fees.

  • Seamless global transactions

    Make purchases in multiple currencies without worrying about exchange rates.

  • Real-time expense tracking

    Get a real-time spending view of your employees and track purchases easily.

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Employee Cards

Borderless cards for maritime employees

Marlo's multi-currency card allows your team to make essential purchases without any hassle from fuel to software subscriptions and use it wherever your business takes you.

  • Gain control over spending

    Set a variety of spending limits to better manage budgets and restrict purchases if needed.

  • Employee-focused cards

    Empower your crew to make essential purchases, from fuel to equipment, with ease.

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Company Cards

For company expenses and shared team purchases

Optimize operational efficiency with dedicated company cards for seamless management of expenses and team purchases. Ensure financial control and transparency in shared spending.

  • Manage company expenses all in one place

    Track company card activity and transactions in one place and get a real time view of major corporate purchases.

  • Reduce unnecessary spending risks

    Avoid personal card use for company purchases. Set per transaction limits to reduce the risk of unexpected overspend.

  • Consolidate team expenses into a single card

    Give multiple team members access to a shared card, and easily manage team budgets with transparency.


Issue unlimited virtual cards to your team instantly


Issue unlimited virtual cards to each employee, or assign them for different use-cases and merchants. Say goodbye to sharing cards or one-time passwords, and hello to faster and more secure purchasing.


Think global, act local

Receive international transfers at the speed – and cost – of domestic transfers with borderless account details.


Control your team’s spend and permissions

Manage your team's expenditures and set access permissions with ease. Gain full control over budget and user roles.

Keep your money safe, and your business account secure


Secure your financial assets with unparalleled safety measures. With Marlo, your multi-currency business account is fortified with industry-leading security protocols.

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Stay in control

Maintain command over card payments with the flexibility to set tailored spending limits as needed

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Freeze your card

Empower your financial security with the ability to instantly freeze and reactivate your cards at your convenience

Why Marlo?

Say goodbye to hidden fees on your international transactions

Allow your employees to make purchases in multiple currencies from held balances in their accounts. They’re free to create and you can start using them immediately online. Pay for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and in-store.

  • Easily issue cards to your global workforce

    Issue multi-currency Employee Cards to your team members around the world to streamline their local and global purchases.

  • Pay directly from your held balances

    Pay international expenses directly from your Marlo multi-currency wallet and avoid unnecessary foreign exchange conversion fees.

  • 0% foreign card transaction fees

    Put an end to surprise foreign transaction fees and other hidden charges, so you can reinvest every dollar back into your growth.

  • Auto-convert at leading FX rates

    If you don’t have the necessary currency balance, we’ll auto-convert available funds in your home currency at our market-leading FX rates.


Interested in exploring more?

Marlo caters to the financial demands of your business. Our offerings, from multi-currency accounts to advanced accounting tools, are tailored to simplify your finances. Leverage our market rates, vessel-wise tracking and real-time monitoring for enhanced strategic planning.

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