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Fast, Cost-effective International Transfers

Streamline payments to suppliers and employees around the world and access market-leading FX rates no matter the transaction size.


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Receive, hold and exchange money in 40+ currencies worldwide with no hidden fees

Experience seamless global transactions with the ability to receive, hold, and exchange money in over 40 currencies— all without any hidden fees. Simplify your international business operations while maintaining full financial transparency.

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    Simplified multi-currency accounts

    Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple bank accounts in different countries, thereby streamlining your finances.

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    Flexible sub-accounts for better financial control

    Set up as many sub-accounts as needed in each supported currency offers unparalleled flexibility in managing your business finances.


Domestic and international payments

Save money with local and global transfers at highly competitive rates. Track the status of your transfers in real-time.

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    Cost-effective global transfers

    Make both local and global transfers at highly competitive rates.

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    Real-time tracking

    Track the status of your transfers in real-time by reducing uncertainty.

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Spend less on FX while making global payments

Automate your banking and finances in one place with MARLO. So now say no to financial hassle.

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    Make fast and easy payments

    Convert and pay in over 40+ currencies at low, transparent fees up to 3x cheaper than banks. No inflated or hidden fees.

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    All your payments in one place

    Track and manage all business expenses in one place, integrated with advance spend management tools to help you grow.

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    Save time. Reduce errors

    Own multi-currency accounts to pay your vendors via local or SWIFT transfers. Make online purchases with corporate cards.


Make global payments & transfers without
breaking the bank


Make global payments and international transfers with radically low fees, up to 3x cheaper than banks.
Transcend borders with MARLO’s multi-currency account and cards.

Get started with global accounts


Global Accounts function as local currency accounts in your name that come with local bank and branch codes and dedicated account numbers. They make it easy for you to receive funds domestically and internationally into your MARLO account from multiple countries and regions. Get everything you need to manage money globally, without the hassle of a traditional bank.

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Multi-currency, seamless accounting—all in one financial solution for your maritime business


MARLO offers a one-stop financial harbor for maritime businesses. Our multi-currency accounts simplify global dealings, and our accounting modules keep your books in order. Navigate maritime finance smoothly.


Secure and reliable global money movement

Pay your global suppliers and employees without the expense and hassle of the traditional banking system.

  • 150+ countries and regions, 40+ currencies

    Have payments received in as little as one business day with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

  • Access bank-beating rates

    Enjoy market-leading FX rates no matter the transaction size and avoid hidden transaction fees.

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    Work smarter, not harder

    Use batch transfers to send funds in one go to multiple recipients around the world, each with a specified amount.

  • Simplify your bookkeeping

    Connect MARLO to your favourite accounting software in just a few clicks to automatically reconcile transfers.


Streamline your maritime finances

Elevate your maritime business with Marlo's comprehensive suite of financial tools. Gain real-time insights into voyage P&L, manage contract cash flows, automate invoicing, and track your vessels—all in one platform.

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