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$ 499
$ 4999 $5988
$ 9999
$ 9999 $
Only yearly
Marlo Business Account
Multi currency wallets
Muti currency accounts
Incoming transfers
Outgoing transfers
SWIFT charges apply
Benchmark + 2%
Benchmark + 1%
Benchmark + 0.5%
SWIFT charges (OUR)
SWIFT charges (SHA)
Virtual debit Cards
Voyage estimation
Cashflow management
Live vessel tracking
Vessel information
Sanctions screening
Dedicated account managers
No. of users
Additional users N/A
Working capital line
ranges from $100,000 to $1,000,000
Cargo contract finance
Demurrage finance
Short-term finance
Vessel finance

Your data and money are safe and secure

  • Safeguard funds

    Secure encryption

    Our partners protect customer data and transactions using secure encryption technology. All data between our partners and customers is encrypted using SSL and TLS protocols 

  • Fraud protection

    Fraud protection

    Our partners work to ensure the movement of money is transparent, fair and efficient in monitoring, detection, investigation, prevention and advisory

  • Secure data storage

    Secure data storage

    We never store your data on the app. Any data we keep on our servers is encrypted and stored securely

  • Compliance

    Intelligent compliance

    We have compliance officers in every jurisdiction in which we operate, focusing on the regulatory and financial crime aspects of compliance

  • Automatic transaction monitoring

    Automatic transaction monitoring

    We use a data-driven transaction mointoring system which provides alerts based on a customer behavior and account activity

  • Trusted partners

    Working with trusted partners

    To be the global financial infrastructure of the digital economy, we work with trusted partners in the financial ecosystem

Marlo is better than a bank.
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MARLO Traditional Business Bank Accounts
No fees to open an account
Centralized dashboard for multi-currency
No hidden fees
Simple, easy-to-use mobile apps
Apply in under 10 minutes
No minimum balance
100% online

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